Boomerang Selections

I offer six unique boomerang styles which range from Beginner to Advanced levels of throwing skill: The Ra, Classic, Teaser, Bandit Crane, Kamikaze, and Superfly. I also offer an unique showcase boomerang, the Batarang, which is not meant for throwing. (Hover your mouse over each image to view larger format).


Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

This boomerang tends to fly higher than more advanced styles like the Kamikaze or Superfly. This style tends to hover, is quite easy to catch, and flies a shorter distance than the other styles. It is also safer and easier to throw and catch due to its smaller size and unique shape. It also creates an interesting circle within a circle pattern when airborne.


Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

As its name suggests, this boomerang has a very classic appearance and air flight pattern. This style is easy to both throw and catch, and generally flies a fair distance, and is also fun to watch. This boomerang is a higher flyer than the more advanced boomerangs (Kamikaze and Superfly).


Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

This unique boomerang has a standard flight pattern with a little bit of hang near the end, teasing you that it might not come back but then does - depending on the wind. The action of this boomerang is quite fun to watch, especially as it hovers from a distance then slowly curves back to you. This style tends to be a high flier that is easy to catch and throw.


Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

This boomerang has a standard flight pattern, is a high flier and has proven to be very popular. This is one of my larger boomerangs and is a wonderful hoverer. It can be a little harder to catch due to its larger size but its hover tendency makes it a softer return which balances things out, easing the catch. I usually recommend this boomerang for older teens and adults who can handle the larger size.


Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

This boomerang tends to be a low flier, so it is recommended that you have developed skill in throwing the other styles of boomerangs above so that you can control this one and prevent it from falling to the ground. It really is a superb boomerang in experienced hands, and tends to fly further than the Beginner to Intermediate boomerangs. This style comes in quickly and low to the ground, thus is harder to catch which demands more skill. Unlike the boomerang styles listed above, the Kamikaze does not usually hover down but sort of whips in, low to ground. You will need a lot of space to throw this boomerang and must possess accurate throwing skill, to prevent it from going out of control. This takes practice to master. It would be wise to warm up by throwing a less advanced style, then progress to this one. It's a great deal of fun once you've mastered it!


Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

This boomerang tends to be a low flier but sometimes does rise up iin high flight depending on the wind conditions. This style flies for long distances, thus you need a lot of room. As with the Kamakaze, throwers should be more skilled to avoid damaging the boomerang or bystanders! This boomerang is very interesting to watch because of the shape and pattern. It is also much easier to catch compared with the Kamakaze.


This boomerang is not meant for throwing!

This boomerang was created strictly for showcasing - it makes a fantastic conversation piece for your wall, mantle or in a protective case. This boomerang has extremely sharp edges and is very difficult (and painful) to catch - if it hit anyone it could do severe damage! Not meant for people under 18 years old, nor is it meant to be a weapon.