DGM Boomerang Creation Process

All DGM Boomerangs are high quality, hand crafted, durable works of art that fly superbly, actually DO come back, and will give you hours of pleasure. The first step in the process is choosing the best Russian Birch wood which affords the finest weight, texture, and aerodynamically correct structure. The boomerang is cut and shaped using hand tools to reveal the perfectly shaped style of boomerang. Once the cutting and shaping have occurred, the boomerang is tested and tuned quadruple times to ensure integrity in shape and flight pattern, and the wood is properly cured into the right shape.

Next, the boomerang is stained. then sanded, followed by repeated thin coats of stain to achieve the right saturation and coating. After this, the boomerang is hand painted with gold or silver metallic paints to add reflectivity and flash in the light as the boomerang flies. Finally, each boomerang is clear coated using water soluable varathane. This is done four times on each side. The backs are all finished with black stain and stamped with the gold DGM script. This method of clear coating makes these boomerangs water resistant.

I use only water based, non-toxic stains, paints, and clear coats that ensure durability, aesthetic visual appeal, and functionality. Every preparatory step is meticulously performed - I do not use spray paint, every layer is applied by hand. All products are made in Canada by me directly. I do not exploit anyone or cut corners to mass produce my boomerangs.